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Mineral buildups are inevitable for almost all conventional types of shower heads. This can lead to low water flow or complete clogging because water cannot run down efficiently through the nozzles. Because you do not want your shower heads to be constantly dripping, wasting water, and becomes inefficient in the end, you might want to have a quick fix to the problem. Dripping shower heads that are most probably caused by clogging are very simple and easy to handle.  
Follow these simple steps to give your leaking/ clogging shower heads a quick remedy.

1.       Screw off the shower head

Make sure that you turn the water off from the main supply, turn off the shower faucet and run empty the shower until it reaches its last drops. Remove the shower head by screwing it off from where it is situated, or from the shower pipes either with your bare hands or by using a wrench.
For handheld shower, you have to screw off the nut at the faucet to remove the tube using a wrench. Then, screw off the shower head and remove it from its water pipes. Usually, there are limes and other types of water residues upon loosening of the shower heads, but you need not worry because it can be clean.
2.       Remove the dirts!
The shower head can now be easily clean. You can remove the lime build-ups and other residues inside by using your bare hands. It is recommended to clean your shower heads once very year to avoid mineral buildup and ensuring the efficiency of your shower heads and washers.
A very effective remedy in dealing with shower head cleaning is by using vinegar. Submerge the shower head in the vinegar for one hour prior to washing with water. This will easily soften the minerals that are building over time inside. Remember not to use harsh chemicals in soaking your shower heads to avoid severe damages and worn-out parts.
3.       Reattach!
After soaking the shower head in vinegar, you can re-attach it to where it is actually situated and run the shower to release out water in order to clear the vinegar. Make sure that you reattach it with tight connections. Check the shower head if it is still leaking or dripping certain amounts of water.
This is just a simple remedy. Should this not work, you might want to seek for more advance fixings or seek for a  replacement to your shower heads.

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