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Spray pattern of Shower head

Every shower head has its own pattern. If you are planning to buy a shower head, it is important for you to know what type of spray pattern that you will use on bathing daily. Spray patterns that can makes you feel comfortable and you will surely enjoy every day. There are different kinds of spray pattern.

1.       Single Spray Pattern Shower Head – is made by solid brass durability. This shower head is sure to give you a satisfying rain-like shower encounter. Its spray pattern gives lovely temperate feel, but is good enough to produce a complete, gratifying shower. If you want an unobtrusive, single function and petite shower head, this is the best choice that really suits you well. This single spray pattern shower head features:

You can choose if you want gray or dark nozzles.
Gentle rain-like shower single setting.
Discharge rate is 2.5GPM
Permanent brass body.
It has nozzles that are easy to clean.
3” long - 2 ¾ diameter wide

2.       Two Spray Pattern Shower Head – has a smooth, instant design and it produces two patters: full rain and rain. The rain spray is a tender relaxing spray while the full rain spray provided a tougher and strengthening spray which is really perfect for final rinse to finish your shower. This modernized shower head features:

It has strong handle and brass body.
It contains permanent brass ball joint that allows you to reposition the shower head wherever you want.
Gives two spray patterns: Full rain spray and rain spray.
It has 6 self-cleaning jets with 48 sprays.
Discharge rate is 2.5GPM

3.       Three Spray Pattern Shower Head – is an invigorating shower head that features three main spray functions; the nebulizing mist, rain and massage. The impressive massage setting gives a strong, constant jet that can be used to massage tense muscle. The nebulising mist setting is refreshing and rare. Some shower heads do not have this kind of features. Lastly, the rain shower setting gives a very delightful and compassionate shower experience. Maybe this is the type of shower that you’ve been looking for a long time. It also features:
Its spray nibs are easy to clean.
An ultra modern design shower head.
A shower head that contains three spray patterns; nebulising mist, massage and rain.
Discharge rate is 2.5GPM

4.       Four Spray Pattern Shower Head – is a nice shower head that could fit perfectly into any types of home because it is simple but yet elegant and easy to use. A home with many people may like this shower spray because of its many options of patterns that is available, letting everyone to decide what to choose in the four gratifying options. The full flood drenching flow is a gentle rain-drop to indulge your skin and an amazing intense spray for rinsing. The nine center jet gives a very impressing massage spray and it is very enjoyable. The full rain setting releases a bit stronger stream than the rain setting which makes it feel like a tender spray and the massage setting is to soothe sore muscles. It features:

It has 6 Lexan jets that are resist build-up, self cleaning and it provides 48 spray stream for a satisfying full body coverage pattern.
It has an adjustment ring switches between patterns that makes it easy to use.
Lexan body with brass revolving ball joint.
Spray settings: massage, full rain, nine center jet and full flood drenching flow.
This shower head reduces discharge rate into 2.5GPM.
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